I’ve written short stories throughout my life. Most of what I write is dark. In fact, there’s a short story I wrote about choice and sacrifice, published in 2002, that I cannot read again – it is beyond dark.

In comparison, “False Positive,” the book I’ve written that was published by Second Wind Publishing in September, 2008, is right cheery. In comparison, that is.

I write about life and death, brutality and betrayal, love and loss. My mind is constantly asking, “what if,” and my fingers itch to answer that question.

The first book in the Joe Daniels’ trilogy, “False Positive” is about a man who holds a secret of which he is unaware. He faces loss and betrayal, and almost ends up losing himself to the dark side of vengance. What he uncovers along the way is a vast conspiracy with ties to the ancient past.

The book is graphically violent and I tried to keep the dialogue as close to real as I could. Of course, living in the Deep South, I had to stop myself from throwing in some “hey, ya’ll’s” and “who dats.”

The next book is coming along. I know where I want to go with it, which is one of the biggest obstacles I think a writer faces.